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Because History Matters
Endowment Campaign

Because History Matters Endowment Campaign: FAQ

What is the Campaign for “History Matters” at the Fall River Historical Society?

To continue to evolve and thrive as a meaningful institution, the Fall River Historical Society is embarking on a campaign to secure the future so that the stories of the past and present will continue to be told. Funds raised will be held in a separate endowment fund for use by the museum for generations to come.

What is the timetable for the campaign?

Our plan is to build on the successful efforts of our quiet 2022 campaign in 2023 and 2024. We intend to incorporate a community & member appeal that will help us reach our final goal.

What is the source of funding?

We are hopeful of securing the funding from FRHS’s traditional supporters, as well as new donors who believe in our mission. We have received funding to support the expenses of the campaign and a lead $500,000 1:1 challenge grant from existing supporters. These gifts have provided valuable impetus at the beginning of this campaign.

How secure will my investment to the FRHS endowment be?

The FRHS has a detailed investment policy that is designed to ensure financial stability while providing for a sustainable spending level. It is the goal of the policy that investment returns equal or exceed the sum of spending plus inflation. Please request a copy of the policy or ask to speak with a representative if you have further questions.

Are gifts to the campaign tax deductible?

Yes, gifts are deductible to the full extent of the law. FRHS’s Tax ID is 04-2125012.

What types of gifts are acceptable?

We accept cash, checks, credit, and stock gifts. Please see our separate instructions for gifts of stock.

Why should I pledge a gift?

While all gifts, regardless of amount or frequency, are appreciated, pledging over three to five years typically allows for more substantial support. We encourage you to make a multi-year pledge and honor that commitment with a monthly, quarterly, semi- annual, annual, or customized payment schedule. As a courtesy, we will send payment reminders.

Why is each donor asked to complete a pledge card and/or gift agreement? What happens if a donor is unable to fulfill a commitment to the campaign?

Donors are asked to sign a pledge card as a good faith commitment, indicating that they agree to the terms of the pledge. The pledge card and gift agreement also ensure that FRHS is clear about the donor’s intent for the gift, as well as any requests for recognition. A pledge card also allows us to properly record and acknowledge the gift. A pledge is not a legally binding document; however, we trust all commitments are made with the intention of being fulfilled. Any donor who is unable to fulfill a commitment, even temporarily, is encouraged to contact FRHS.


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